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Last Updated May 6th, 2021.

May 6th Update:
Added II.II: You may pause, stop, or leave a conversation at any time.
Added II.II: Birthdays are not shared and are used for data verification of pairing young people and guardians.

The Terms of Use, outlined below, govern the implementation and application of 100 Days of Conversations About School, an initiative brought forward by Choice Filled Lives, Human Restoration Project, and REENVISIONED, located at, henceforth referred to as "we" and/or "our", centered on gathering the voices of young people and community members to drive a conversation about reimagining school after the COVID pandemic.

.I. Intellectual Property and Licensing
All our resources on this website and gathered during conversations are licensed under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike (BY-NC-SA) license.
This means that other organizations and individuals may copy and adapt these resources non-commercially as long as the work is attributed to us. A link must be provided to this webpage. Any remixed or built upon work must be released under the same license as this site (BY-NC-SA.) Finally, you may not use any legal terms or technological measures to restrict others from this licensing (BY-NC-SA.)

Participants must be 14 years or older to have their data shared. We do not knowingly share data of any participant under the age of 14. If you believe and/or know and/or are a participant under the age of 14 and your recording has been shared, please request the removal of this data by contacting

Participants under the age of 14 must be indicated by their facilitator during the scheduling phase of the conversation. These conversations will be made private and only used for analytical purposes and shared to their corresponding private community. These conversations are fully private and are not shared via social media.

II. Data Collection
This website uses cookies to cache browser data for easier accessibility, faster load times, and the saving of form fields. No data is collected and/or sold for third parties, and we do not store any unsolicited data from the end user.

For video and audio recordings, Cortico shares certain information with third parties (see Section III.)

When data is submitted for review or feedback to us, we do store this data on our server through Google Cloud Services. This data is not publicly assessable. However, we will eventually publish this data to our website, social media, and through our transcription and analytics partner, Cortico, as well as posted on any of our websites (see Section II.I & Section III.) The user may request for some information (school name) to be omitted. Explicit consent to share any information must be present at the beginning of any recording sent to us (see Section III.)

After publication, any information submitted to us that has not been flagged by the user may/will be shared via the social media accounts of 100 Days of Conversations, Choice Filled Lives, Human Restoration Project, and/or REENVISIONED. This means that any data privacy and/or data consent agreements made to us expressly consent data being submitted to social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.)

II.I: Website Use
Human Restoration Project may utilize any/all conversations for its ongoing promotion of human-centered progressive policies in education, such as for proposing policy initiatives, promoting resources, and/or calling for additional educator support. REENVISIONED may utilize any/all conversations for its ongoing analysis of reimagining the purpose of education. You can opt out of this process by emailing and/or

An additional reminder of data use for our organizations will be sent following each conversation, allowing the user to blanket opt-out of any additional data use beyond the initiative.

Further, information presented via our websites and/or social media platforms may be assessed and shared both through "sharing" or other downloaded means, or via our Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike license.

II.II: Conversation Consent Agreement
The purpose of this study is to develop an informed opinion on the reimagination of school through the gathering of voices of young people, professionals, and community members. The facilitator will ask a series of questions based around positive and negative experiences in school, and your thoughts on reinventing the system.

Participating in a conversation to inform state and federal administrations; engaging and learning through peers on school experiences; connecting closer with peers and faculty members.

We do not anticipate any risks in this conversation. You may pause, stop, or leave a conversation at any time.

Giving consent prior to participating in our conversation means that you give our organizations to use your information, as described above. This includes any information you submit in the consent form, such as demographic data and your first name. Birthdays are not shared and are used for data verification of pairing young people and guardians. Further, it authorizes our organizations to utilize video and audio recordings of the conversation for promotional materials and analytics. If you are 13 or younger, or your conversation includes someone who is 13 or younger, all video and audio recordings will remain private. Data will remain on the Cortico service according to their privacy policy.

Participation in this conversation is completely voluntary, and you can opt out at any point of the conversation. There are no financial incentives for participation. If you have any questions, or would like to opt out of this consent agreement at any time, please email and/or

III. Transcription, Analytics, and Partnerships
In order to effectively share, highlight, and analyze the data from 100 Days of Conversations, we have partnered with Cortico (through Local Voices Network) to be our transcription, AI, and sharing service. Please refer to the specific ways that Cortico utilizes your data via their specific privacy policy.

We may utilize any/all of these conversations, unless explicitly opted out of by you, via our websites to promote conversations and dialogue.

Prior to any submitted recording, all participants must state "I agree" to the consent policy as read by the facilitator. This consent statement will be publicly available on our website in January 2021. No recordings will be processed by any of our organizations, including Cortico, unless this consent statement is agreed to by all recorded participants.

V. Amendments
At any point, we may decide to modify, change, add to, or subtract any of the above Terms of Use. Any changes will be documented on this web page.

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