Conversation Hosting

Reimagine education with us.

We've collected over 100 conversations from 37 states! Our next step is to make meaning of these conversations with participants and build advocacy, art, and policy. Stay tuned for future updates to get involved!

Host a Conversation

On this page is everything you need to host a conversation, start to finish.

This is designed to be a simple process. Hosting should take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours total, all in, including scheduling, facilitating the conversation, and completing the post conversation survey. Use these tools to get started:


100 Days of Conversations is a collaborative project organized to catalyze conversations in communities across the country. These conversations will be analyzed and highlighted for collective dreams and turned into policy advocacy briefs to be shared with state and federal education departments, nonprofit organizations, and educators.

Process Goals

Transformation Through Reflection

Deeply listening, being given the opportunity to reflect, then truly being heard are some of the most powerful levers for transformation of individuals.

Practice Democratic Discussion

Saving democracy requires people across the country to truly connect with one another, envision their shared future, disagree, deliberate, listen, reflect, and find common ground.

Grow the Network of Human-Centered Organizations

Through this process we aim to directly connect organizations and individuals interested in rehumanizing school.

Outcome Goals

Listen and Learn

Our primary goal is to Listen Listen Listen. By centering student, family, educator voices in revisioning, and asking everyone involved to listen deeply first, we hope to learn - to deepen understanding of stakeholder experiences, hopes, and dreams.

Grow Awareness

Awareness of our shared values and dreams. And awareness of disjuncture between the shared collective visions and the current practice in the schooling system to catalyze energy for change in direction of vision.

Catalyze Change

We aim to catalyze change in the actual practice and policy of school. We will analyze the conversations to surface themes relevant to policy and practice, and then craft an agenda based on the vision, perspectives, experiences of stakeholders.

Who is participating?

It's vitally important that all are invited to the table. We ask that all conversations include at least two young people.
Young people, 14-24 years old. Voices under 13 require a special consent process, please contact us to organize.
Family members, such as parents, guardians, or other adults.
Educators and community members, including those connected to schools (e.g. librarians, tutors, assistants, mental health coordinators, nurses)

What does this look like?

Ready to get started?

We are currently working with youth partners to launch our next phase of 100 Days of Conversations. Stay tuned to our social media for details.