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We're hosting conversations across the country to hear from students, educators, families, and community members to reimagine education.
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What if we started by listening?

The Process

Advocacy + Art

Taking action by sharing stories and findings, propelling our partners to make a difference.


Connecting with youth partnerships to make a plan for change through conversations.


Engaging with partners in qualitative and quantitative analysis of collected conversations.


Collecting and transcribing conversations over 100 days across various communities.
We're collectively writing a new narrative.








What are the perceived meanings of a "good life"?

While our focus was on learning how to evolve school post-pandemic, in our 100 Days conversations the first question was not, “how would you change school?” Rather, we ask participants first to root in their own values, dreams, and beliefs by asking them to consider what makes a good life for them, and what makes the kind of thriving community they would want to inhabit.

What does equity in education mean?

Equity is on many people’s minds these days, particularly after the murder of George Floyd and millions more people joined the movement for more action to be taken in service of equity and justice in our justice, civic, and schooling systems (among others). In 100 Days, students, parents, and educators discussed what equity in education looked like to them.

What makes a thriving community?

Our schools are our primary public socializing institution. Yet, the collective purpose of school in creating thriving democratic communities has nearly been lost in today’s conversations. We at 100 Days of Conversations believe it’s important to bring back the conversation about how school creates the “we” - at a local level as well as nationally and even globally. How we do school shapes how we think about who belongs, who counts, how we work together, and even what we want to achieve.

What did COVID help us realize is actually most important about school?

While the current public narrative is largely about “learning loss”, this was not what was on the minds of 100 Days participants. The things they realized were most important included: social connections of all kinds; the ability to create engaging, differentiated classroom practices; and simply the physical infrastructure and the different kinds of supports available when school was in person.

100 Days Pilot Partners

Abigail French
Aedis Architects
Akara Foundation for Education & Research
Amara Lynch
Anaid Plascencia
Anica Bilisoly
Ann Mitchell
Annie Fisher Montessori Magnet
Arete Learning Group
Belgrade Brooten Elrosa Public Schools
Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Schools
Big Picture Learning
Big Picture South Burlington
Blanche Ndlovu
Bobby Bennett
Bonni Jones
Bonnie Nieves
Brandi Kenner
Bruce Martin
Casey Johnson
Cindi Savelli
Connecticut Association for the Gifted
Cuddeback School/Scotia School
Daniel O’Brien
Deanna Chute
Devon Stanley
Dina Berray
Donald DeLand
Doron Zinger
East Side Union High School District
Georgia Kostelecky
Geraldine Ang
Haley Govorko
Heather Lawrence
Holly Walsh
Intermediate District 287
Jake Franklin
Janelle Field
Jason Brisini
Jay Keuter
Jen Agamaite
Jennifer Abrams Consulting
Jennifer Cote
Jennifer Elemen
Jennifer Mann
Jessica Dolbi
John Warner
Jose Perez
Juwaria Jama
Kate Lohmeyer
Kathryn Crawford
Kavitha Lotun
Kellie Bahri
Kevin Calkins
Kristin McKennon
Lauren Bierbaum
Lea Henaux
Liana Ponce
Lincoln Bacal
Linda Amici
Lindsy Hanono
Lola Fernandez
Lori McEwen
Lori Vang
Louise Lord
MIckey Jurewicz
Madeline Raynolds
Maine Charter School Commission
Margery Bloom
Marissa Muoio
Mark Hladek
Marlyn Young
Ma‘ema‘e Elementary School
Melanie Paulsen
Mike Dunn
Mike Peck
Mount Diablo UsD
NH Leaders for Just Schools
Natasha Loya
Natasha Norins
Nichola de Montaigne
Nontobeko Mdlalose
Olivia Chiang
Orchard View Schools
Palo Alto High School
Paul Kim
Paynesville Area Schools
RISE of Peace
Rachel House
Rahma Farah
Rebekah Kang
Rockaway College Project
Rotary Club of Hermann Park

Interested in partnering?

We are actively seeking educator- and youth-driven organizations across the United States to partner with us to enact change. If you're interested in teaming up, please reach out.