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What if in this moment of multiple crises there is also an opportunity to co-create new, better, ways of being post-pandemic?

100 Days of Conversations About School is catalyzing community conversations across the country about the future of school and society in a practice of democratic deliberation and re-visioning for the first 100 days of the new administration. The process is designed to center the voices of young people and educators in the conversations themselves, and in the policy and practice recommendations that emerge from the process. They're seeking educators, young people, and education non-profits who are interested in hosting a conversation in their community.

Check out the step-by-step host a conversation guide and sign up to host a conversation on the website (

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100 Days of Conversations seeks to reimagine school through a massive conversation between students, educators, and community members. Sign up at! @100daysconv #100daysconv

If we want to see change in our schools, we need to hear directly from young people about their experience. Sign up at to facilitate a conversation with young people. @100daysconv #100daysconv